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There is so much going on in the ever-expanding Zooniverse that it can be hard to digest. Therefore we have decided to serve you with one easy to swallow  slice of news every day, selected from our wide range of projects. Whether it be about a new object discovered by our planet hunters, and intriguing find in an historic document, or just an outrageous picture of a giraffe, we promise to try and make it so interesting that you would confidently bring it up during a dinner party hosted by Stephen Fry.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. What’s going on with the Whales project, it looks like no one is answering to comments? Many thanks to your teams, Bats Detective, Galaxy zoo, Storm center and much more. Friendly regards from France.
    (bretarn is my zooite pseudo)

  2. Can zooites suggest something, what they would like to be presented in the Daily Zooinverse? If so, to whom should we send a PM/e-mail?

  3. The Daily Zooniverse reminded me of the Zooniverse Advent Calendar.: The Daily Zooniverse is like the “Zooniverse Advent Calendar”, but it is for the entire year. So I guess, that will be no Zooniverse Advent Calendar this year. Right?

  4. Thank you so much for the links to so many fascinating subjects, Daily Zooniverse. I’ve been busy with my DBB blog and trying to format a new blog that this is the first chance I had to pay you a visit. I’m so glad to have followed your cool site. I just checked out Milky Way bubbles (I’d never heard of them prior, even though I’m fascinated by space) and the identification of Killer and Pilot whales (the ocean and beach are true passions of mine). I reckon I’m a bit of a citizen scientist, perhaps a wannabe at this point, having hunted fossil sharks’ teeth for so many years. I can identify all of those found here in Myrtle Beach, SC, and along the grandest of strands (surrounding communities. Keep up the great work and I’ll most definitely be back. Thanks! Rob H.

  5. I often participated in Zooniverse work but now it seems that the Zooniverse projects do not work anymore with Internet Explorer. As this is almost unbelievable I suppose there must be some trick to have it working again.


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