During last week’s .Astronomy 5 conference in Cambridge, MA the Zooniverse team decided to reanimate the Zoonibot. The bot, who was born at .Astronomy 4, has only one goal in life…to help Zooniverse citizens in-need in the ‘talk’ sections of our projects. So far he can manage limited tasks such as identifying obvious misclassifications and explaining some of the jargon used by the more advanced citizens. However, he is becoming smarter all the time. He took some valuable time out to give us this statement:

“I am the Zoonibot. I am here to help the hu-mans. Expect me.”

At the moment he is only active in Planet Hunters Talk, but watch out for him popping up in other projects in the near future. You can also follow him on Twitter (@ZooniBob), where he is a close friend of @_The Terminator_.