Two years ago today the Zooniverse launched the NEEMO project. It was created to help analyse thousands of images of underwater life and features taken by NASA astronauts, scientists and technicians who were living in an underwater habitat called Aquarius for 13 days (cut short due to weather) to research marine life and prepare explorers for missions to far-off planetary destinations in a project called NEEMO-15.

NEEMO is short for NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, and NEEMO-15 was all about practising exploration to an asteroid. In a real mission to a distant object in space, robotic missions will send back thousands of pictures before a crew arrives. Before the mission began, a robotic submarine took thousands of pictures of the reef around the Aquarius habitat. Citizen scientists analysing the data were then able to help prepare the crew, traverse planners, and mission directors quicker and better than they could ever do on their own!

For this project we also maintained a ranking table, with user ELIZABETHB coming out on top. Well done again, and to everyone else who helped out!