Andromeda Project search regions: PHAT survey (white) and archival images (red). Image Credit: Robert Gendler

The Andromeda Project is back for Round 2. During Round 1 last year thousands of citizen scientists classified over one million images of the Andromeda Galaxy, and they did so in only 3 weeks! Users were asked to identify star clusters and background galaxies in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) as part of the PHAT survey in an attempt to create the most complete map of a spiral galaxy to date. In Round 2 users are being asked to do the same again with the remaining unclassified images from the PHAT survey, along with some archival HST images. To find out more, read the post on the Andromeda Project blog. To take part before it’s all done, start classifying now here

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