Hubble Space Telescope image of Arp 142, a.k.a the Penguin Galaxy


In our latest feature, every Friday the Daily Zooniverse will be bringing you an amazing image of a galaxy from Galaxy Zoo. To kick us off we have one of my personal favourites, Arp 142 (affectionately known in the Zooniverse as the ‘Penguin Galaxy’). Actually, the Arp 142 system included two galaxies (NGC 2936 & NGC 2937). It was initially classified by American astronomer Halton Arp in 1966, but it was later included in the initial SDSS dataset that went into the first version of Galaxy Zoo, where it was spotted by one of our volunteers Alice Sheppard, who fell in love with it and is somewhat responsible for its nickname. It even made the cover of last October’s edition of Astronomy & Geophysics magazine!