Today I would like to re-introduce you to Becky Smethurst (she already featured in a previous post). Becky is a PhD student studying data provided by our volunteers on Galaxy Zoo. She is also a keen, and very talented, science communicator, recently being awarded 2nd place and audience favourite in the UK finals of FameLab! You can see her entry by clicking on the image above.

Name – Becky Smethurst

Twitter Name  @becky1505

Job – PhD Student

What do you do within the Zooniverse? – I am using the data from Galaxy Zoo to do research towards my doctorate. I will be looking at how the colour and the shape of galaxies are related in order to work out how they evolve, either when they’re isolated or when they merge and interact with another galaxy.

What are your two favourite Zooniverse projects? – Seafloor Explorer and Galaxy Zoo (she had to say that I guess!)

What is your favourite movie? – Shawshank Redemption

What is you favourite album? – Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

What is your favourite novel? – Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer

Where are you from? – Bolton, Lancashire, UK