Coyote Beautiful



Have a look at this absolutely stunning image of a coyote from Condor Watch. Thanks to our community builder Darren McRoy for suggesting it for Daily Zooniverse! See what people are saying about it here, and get involved in the project now at

2 thoughts on “Coyote Beautiful

  1. shouldnt the ppl who find the photos & are obviously doing the classifications and doing the work in the area as citizin scientists get the credit & not the ppl just hash tagging them for daily zoo? ? any1 can just go hash tag every thing for daily zoo. i see this a lot in the area i volunteer in. so what if you “suggest” it. they are not doing the work. some ppl just roam all the zoo areas hash tag every photo to get there names on here. why not give some props to the citisen scientists doing the work who find the pictures?

    • Apologies if I’ve offended you with the way I run the blog. It was not my intention to overlook the fantastic work done by all of our volunteers. In fact, I regularly post about how amazing they are, and how much effort they put in to all of our projects. Have look at my regular Saturday Status features.

      It surprises and flatters me that you think this blog is so popular that the people who suggest posts to me are just browsers who don’t help out on the projects. In my experience it’s the complete opposite. I get the majority of suggestions from some of the most active volunteers on our projects.

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