Here at one of the Zooniverse’s home bases, the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois, winter has hit very early, with snow and a polar Arctic blast arriving before the middle of November. As I type this, it’s about -7° C (19° F) outside, and that’s pretty chilly. But it’s nothing compared the the mammoth block of white on the above satellite radar image… on this image, white denotes clouds that are colder than -85°C (-121°F), which translates to really, really powerful storms.

Uncovered in Zooniverse’s Cyclone Center project, this image comes from Cyclone Ofa, which devastated several Pacific islands in 1990, and which the Fiji Meteorological Service called “one of the most prominent cyclones to have occurred in these last few decades, if not the whole century.” Looking at the image, it’s not hard to see why!

This is the strongest-looking storm image I’ve ever seen on Cyclone Center, but maybe you can find something even stronger? Join the project and see!