Saturday Status – The One Million Club


This week two Zooniverse projects (Penguin Watch & Radio Galaxy Zoo) joined the prestigious ranks of the one million club – that is the group of projects that have received over 1,000,000 classifications from volunteers since they launched. The other members of the club are:

and there are many other projects that will be joining the club in 2015! Help them get there sooner at

4 thoughts on “Saturday Status – The One Million Club

  1. May I ask why was left off the list? In 2012, we achieved 1 million pages transcribed. Not observations, pages! Between 40% and 95% of those pages, depending on the type of logbook, contain between 6 and 24 weather observations, each of which contains between 5 and 7 pieces of data, such as air tempearture. That put us in the 3 million or more observation category that year, as most other projects measure things. And we are still chugging along. 🙂

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