Planet Four: Craters





Recently we launched a new project called Planet Four: Craters. By counting craters on the Martian surface, you can help researchers figure out how old the various surface regions are. Another important aspect of this project is to explore new designs for future Zooniverse projects. You’ll be using different tools and interfaces so that the Zooniverse can learn more about what works best for cratering and similar tasks. Try it out now at

One thought on “Planet Four: Craters

  1. I’ve been trying to use Planet Four: Craters and it seems very flaky. When I go to Talk from the site it takes me back to Planet Four when I click on return to classifying instead of Planet Four: Craters. The mark craters tool doesn’t work properly. I mark a crater then do another one and the first marking vanishes.

    Maybe a better description of how this is supposed to work would be helpful.



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