We now have four Martian seasons of HiRISE observations fully classified by Planet Four volunteers. We’ve completed all the publicly available HiRISE images of the region known as ‘Inca City’ on Mars’ South Pole. Members of the science team have extensively studied Inca City and your fan and blotch mapping measurements will add another important component.  Your classifications will help us understand how this region on Mars has evolved over time and in particular how the cycle of geysers and fans in Inca City have been impacted from a global dust storm that occurred after Season 1.

We’ve now added brand new never before seen images of the region dubbed ‘Manhattan’ from Season 4 of the HiRISE monitoring campaign to the site. This will be the first time that eyes have scoured these observations so closely. The area has different terrain and surface properties compared to Inca City. Your classifications will help us understand how these differences impact fan and blotch formation over several Martian springs.

Help map seasonal fans and blotches in Manhattan today at

Meg at Planet Four