New Project – Chimp & See!



We’re thrilled today to announce, in recognition of Earth Day (April 22nd) around the globe, that we’re unveiling a brand-new nature-themed Zooniverse project. Say hello to Chimp & See!

At Chimp & See, you’ll explore real video clips of animals in the wild forests of Africa, marking the species and behaviours that you see. In particular, by studying the behaviour patterns of wild chimpanzees, the project scientists aim to learn more about human evolution. They also hope to study animal populations and biodiversity to identify areas for conservation.

Start exploring today at

One thought on “New Project – Chimp & See!

  1. Hi,
    At I get to see an almost completely black screen (with a very faint jungle wallpaper only), with a sign in option and nothing else. No information, no sample pictures, no explanation, no nothing.
    Something wrong with my computer or with that site?

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