Beloved by citizen scientists for its rich, beautiful infrared images and engaging, multifaceted classification tasks, the Milky Way Project has returned to the Zooniverse after a year-long hiatus. We have a very ambitious goal of at least 2 million user classifications of 76,000 MWP images in six months, so we need your help now!
Originally launched in December 2010, the first version of MWP produced a catalog of over 5,000 infrared “bubble nebulae”, providing astronomers with a valuable resource for studying massive stars and star-birth throughout our home Galaxy. The current MWP is the third version, built using Zooniverse’s latest, cutting-edge classification interface and drawing tools. MWP volunteers will use these tools to search for “bow shocks” (shock waves driven through space by the powerful winds of high-speed, massive stars) and “yellowballs” (a new category of “baby bubbles”) first identified in the original MWP.
Once we meet our goal for new classifications, the researchers can combine these with three years’ worth of previous classification data to produce brand-new catalogs of bow shocks and yellowballs plus an expanded catalog of bubble with improved measurements of sizes and shapes. 
Please join us in expanding the map of our home Galaxy, the Milky Way at www.zooniverse.org/projects/povich/milky-way-project.