integtime=92 Vg=64 D1=128 D2=128 flashCrossoverCdS=200.00 RESERVED=0 flashDetectCdS=1.0000 derivativeClipNormal=6 RESERVED=0 chargeFlashTarget=300.00 delayBetweenImagesFlash=100 delayBetweenImagesDaylight=  8.00 holdOffTimeBetweenTriggers=0 jpegCompressionRatio=12 Temperature= 14.38 ImageCount=2317


There’s not really much for me to say here. It’s a baby rhino and its mother! How cool is that? This image is from one of the Camera CATalogue camera traps. The project was set up to track big cats, but it captures thousands of images of other majestic African animals.