integtime=92 Vg=64 D1=128 D2=128 flashCrossoverCdS=200.00 RESERVED=0 flashDetectCdS=1.0000 derivativeClipNormal=6 RESERVED=0 chargeFlashTarget=300.00 delayBetweenImagesFlash=100 delayBetweenImagesDaylight=  8.00 holdOffTimeBetweenTriggers=0 jpegCompressionRatio=12 Temperature= 14.38 ImageCount=2317


There’s not really much for me to say here. It’s a baby rhino and its mother! How cool is that? This image is from one of the Camera CATalogue¬†camera traps. The project was set up to track big cats, but it captures thousands of images of other majestic African animals.