The Zooniverse has just hit an amazing milestone – our 100th official project launch!
Galaxy Nurseries is a project run by researchers at the University of Minnesota who need your help to find baby galaxies in our universe so they can figure out how galaxies form and grow over time.
It is rather fitting that the very first Zooniverse project – Galaxy Zoo – launched almost exactly ten years ago and also focuses on answering questions about galaxy formation and evolution. In between these two, we have launched projects in almost every major field of research, but we literally could not have done any of it without the amazing work of you, our volunteers! The Zooniverse team would like to extend a massive thank you for the contributions you have made to our projects, small or large.
To celebrate our 100th project, and as a show of how powerful the Zooniverse crowd is, we’ve set a challenge to finish this project in under 100 hours. If everyone receiving this email does just 5 classifications we will easily manage that! I bet you can do more than 5…
PS: Celebrate with some fireworks at