Our designer and developers have been hard at work creating a new look landing page that is better suited to your needs and wants. The following is a message from our lead designer explaining what has changed and why:

The Zooniverse is growing up! We’ve just launched our one hundredth project, and with that milestone comes a brand-new zooniverse.org with an updated look and feel.

We’ve learned a lot since we launched Galaxy Zoo in 2007. Since then, we’ve grown from one project into a team of over 30 scientists, developers, and designers who work with researchers from around the world, and have launched projects on a huge variety of subjects, from astronomy to ancient manuscript transcription.

Our new home page reflects this growth and speaks to a broad audience of new and returning volunteers, educators, and researchers. Each section of the page addresses one of these groups, catering messaging and imagery to their unique interests.

For new and returning volunteers, we’ve added information about our platform, and more places on the page to discover projects. There are now so many amazing projects covering a wide range of subject matters, we want to make it even easier for volunteers to find new projects they’ll love. We’ve also added a Featured Project section: With new projects going live once a week – and sometimes more frequently! – we needed a way to celebrate and promote our amazing community of researchers.

For educators and potential researchers, we speak to the platform’s accessibility and diverse age, location, and language range of users. We’re incredibly proud of the vibrant community our current researchers have built on Talk, in Collections, and on blogs, and we highlight and celebrate those communities.

It’s been such an exciting journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what the next 100 projects bring. Thanks for following along!

– Becky & the Zooniverse Design Team