After a very successful start to one of our new biomedical research projects, Etch A Cell, the hard work of Zooniverse volunteers has provided enough data for the researchers to start making 3D models of cell features.

This image shows a model of a nucleus from a ‘HeLa’ cancer cell that has been entirely built by our amazing citizen scientists from our electron microscopy images. The nucleus is only around 10 millionths of a metre in diameter and you can see the tiny intricate folds and creases on its surface.

Using these models we can see the shape of each complete nucleus and understand their structure more easily. From these models we can make measurements that will allow us to study the effects of different diseases and treatments on the internal structure of cells. These annotations will also allow us to train state-of-the-art machine learning systems to help us churn through our ever increasing piles of data.

You have a go at Etch A Cell here (the project still needs your help!) and follow the project on twitter @EtchACell.