Your help is needed on one of the Zooniverse’s longest-running projects – Cyclone Center
By taking part in Cyclone Center you will improve our understanding of tropical cyclone winds and structure. The recent and ongoing devastation by hurricanes in the Atlantic shines a light on human’s vulnerability to these storms.

We’re excited to make available a new set of images to classify. They are satellite pictures of storms taken when aircraft were flying through and taking observations. The aircraft were measuring the wind speed of the tropical cyclone in order to provide forecasters and scientists with a more accurate estimate of the maximum strength. By comparing your classifications to the observations, we can better estimate the strength of other storms which do not have the luxury of direct observation.

We already have several thousand classifications of these storms but need 100,000 more before we can continue with our work. Just a few classifications today from each of you will be more than enough! We will be standing by awaiting your questions and discoveries.
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