The team at the Getty Research Institute are pleased to announce the publication of the data, code and content from the Mutual Muses transcription project on GitHub!

From the Mutual Muses Talk board:

Here you can find the transcriptions you created, images of the documents you transcribed, and the code we used to select the final transcription. But even more exciting is that you can download PDFs of the transcriptions, in the order they written. These files are, admittedly, pretty big. BUT, they are the best way would could come up with to address the frequent request to be able to read the letters, in order.

We hope that you’ll have a look!

We’ll be closing down the project in a couple of weeks so please bookmark the Github page. We can’t thank you all enough and we sincerely hope we’ll run into you all again somewhere in the Zooniverse.

Congratulations to the Mutual Muses team and to everyone who took part in this great project.