The Interconnected Zooniverse

Yesterday the Zooniverse Oxford team had a hackday, which we try to do every so often as a way to try out new tools and ideas. I decided to use the day as an opportunity to get familiar with Jupyter notebooks and the Holoviews Python package for visualising data.

After getting Jupyter set up with Docker and spending a while getting my bearings, I decided to try to visualise how many users our projects have in common. I ended up creating the above graph connecting some of our recent projects with lines which represent the relative number of volunteers who have classified on each project. It looks kind of a mess, which is cool because it shows how many volunteers we have who try a wide selection of projects.

There’s an interactive version of the graph here, which also includes the code to generate it.


2 thoughts on “The Interconnected Zooniverse

  1. Do you have all shared projects in here, or just the popular ones, or this is just your first ‘go” at it? Just curious, because I don’t see Chicago Wildlife on the wheel and I have multiple projects ( including that one) that I work on
    (I was curious to see if I could find “my” line, lol)
    Very cool to see this data. Thanks for sharing!

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