Ed Gitre, Director of The American Soldier project, has written a blog post for Rediscovering Black History, “The blog of the Black History Guide, sharing records relating to the African American experience at the National Archives.” In the piece, he looks at several examples of survey responses written by African American soldiers about their time serving in World War II. These reflections are part of the dataset being transcribed by Zooniverse volunteers in The American Soldier project: approximately 65,000 images of handwritten survey responses from the National Archives. Read Ed’s full post here: https://rediscovering-black-history.blogs.archives.gov/2019/02/26/an-uncensored-digital-history-of-the-black-world-war-ii-gi/.

There are many more survey responses waiting to be transcribed at The American Soldier. Thanks to Ed for writing this post, and allowing us to share it here!