Chicago’s Adler Planetarium (home to half of the Zooniverse web development and leadership team) is launching a new free YouTube Livestream series – Adler Astronomy Live – featuring diverse voices in STEM, eye-popping space visualizations, cutting-edge research, space science news, and the human stories behind scientific discoveries. 

The series will often feature Zooniverse projects and research team members. For example, this Thursday (July 30) is all about worlds beyond Earth. Astronomers Drs. Lucianne Walkowicz and Aaron Geller will join co-host Meredith Stepien (Adler guest experience lead and former Second City comedian/actress) to talk about what we know (and don’t know) about planets around other stars. Emily Gilbert, the lead researcher on a recent discovery of one of Earth’s newest neighbors, will join them to talk about what it was like corralling dozens of researchers to work on the discovery article. The team will then showcase Zooniverse’s and how anyone can join in the search for exoplanets. Throughout this interactive digital experience, you’ll be invited to ask questions and share your thoughts and ideas. 

The next session (August 13) will feature Dr. Jackie Faherty, one of the leads for the Zooniverse project. She and the Adler team will highlight some of the awesome discoveries from that project, and more broadly discuss how data from the Gaia space telescope is helping us map our Milky Way galaxy like we’ve never done before.

Join us Thursday, July 30 12-12:45pm CT

Hope to see you there!

Laura (Zooniverse Co-PI & VP of Science Engagement at the Adler)

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