As part of Citizen Science Month 2023, we’re sharing excerpts from ‘Into the Zooniverse’, a series of books celebrating the projects and people of the Zooniverse.

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Transcribe Colored Conventions

MORE THAN 10,000 African Americans attended these important national and state meetings in the 19th century. During these conventions, they discussed topics like education, labor, business and voting rights. In the thousands of surviving records, over 98% of the currently identified delegates are men. Black women rarely show up, despite playing important roles in the historic movement. Zooniverse participants can help this research by transcribing documents through the Transcribe Colored Conventions project, finding even more references to women and finally bringing their contributions to light.

Thus far, the team, made up of members of the Center for Black Digital Research, has been able to identify over 160 references to women’s contributions. This includes women like Mrs. Wilson, The Edmonson Sisters and Mrs. M.A Shad, who helped the conventions significantly by providing accommodations, organizing meetings, and resolving conflicts. The researchers are constantly expanding the list of women and their roles. You can find them listed on the Colored Conventions website. With your help we can finally show the importance of this often overlooked 19th century movement and help restore our collective histories. 

Image credit: Colored Conventions Team

Summary by: Tasnova Adrita

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