We thought it would be nice to let you all find out a bit more about the people behind the Zooniverse, and we thought it would be even nicer to do this on the team members’ birthdays! So here is our first edition of Meet the Team:


Name – Brooke Simmons

Twitter Name – @vrooje

Job – Galaxy Zoo researcher at the University of Oxford

What do you do within the Zooniverse? – I do science with Galaxy Zoo classifications, mainly focusing on the co-evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes. I also keep in touch with the volunteer community, worship our awesome moderators, and try to save the world.

What are your two favourite Zooniverse projects? – Besides Galaxy Zoo? Snapshot Serengeti and Planet Hunters. Also, ask me again next week!

What is your favourite movie? – Bringing Up Baby

What is you favourite album? – Muppet Hits

What is your favourite novel? – This is an impossible question. What’s my favourite wine? Or my favourite galaxy? There are too many!