The Cell Slider project celebrated its 1st birthday two days ago! It is a joint venture between the Zooniverse and Cancer Research UK that asks citizen scientists to look through slides of breast cancer cells in tissue samples from patients who have kindly donated them when being treated in drug trials. There is a backlog of data like this, and getting members of the public to help classify it will hopefully lead to significant breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

In the last year, over 14,000 members of the public have helped contribute almost 2 million classifications! Even with those amazing numbers the project is still only just over 50% complete. Cancer is something that has affected almost all of us and there is no need to explain just how important the work done by Cancer Research UK and the Cell Slider team is, so please spare some of your time and help beat cancer sooner by classifying here http://www.cellslider.net/