Hi all, since it’s New Year’s Eve (or Hogmanay as my people call it) I thought I would give a brief overview of what has happened in the Zooniverse this year.

We launched a bunch of great new projects, namely:
 – Planet Four
 – Notes from Nature
 – Space Warps
 – Worm Watch Lab
 – Plankton Portal
 – Radio Galaxy Zoo
We updated Old Weather, the Andromeda Project and we relaunched the Milky Way Project
We retired the Andromeda Project (after just one week!) and Snapshot Serengeti (new data coming soon).
We entered the “refine” phase on Space Warps.
We passed 800,000 volunteers, and now we’re about to pass 900,000!
We discovered multiple new planets with Planet Hunters.
We added new people to the Zooniverse teams in Oxford and Chicago.
We held the second Zooniverse Workshop in Chicago where we discussed projects with developers, scientists and educators across all projects.
We held ZooCon13 in Oxford and gave talks to volunteers  – many of whom travelled miles and miles to be with us.
We started the Galaxy Zoo Google Hangouts.
We released a bunch of projects in new languages, such as French, Polish, Spanish and Mandarin.
We had the teachers ambassadors workshop in the Adler Planetarium.
We started Zoo Tools.
…and last but not least, we started the Daily Zooniverse 🙂
We hope you enjoyed all of these things, we really could not have managed them without you, the volunteers! Our plan is to bring you even more exciting events in 2014!