Yes, that’s right, it was a year ago today that this blog came into existence! The original remit was to bring you “something awesome” from across the Zooniverse on a daily basis. I think the fact I have managed to do this without any real repetition of posts truly shows how diverse and exciting the Zooniverse (and citizen science in general) is. I hope you all find it as interesting as I do. I really do enjoy searching through all the projects etc to find something cool to show you, and will try and continue to do so for as long as possible.

Recently I’ve been using material that has been suggested to me by readers of the blog. This has really helped me keep it fresh. If you want to suggest something to me, you can tag it with #dailyzoo in the Talk area of any project or on Twitter, or just ping me @mrniaboc. I’d also love to hear what kind of posts you find most interesting or enjoyable. Mostly I just want to say thanks for reading 🙂