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Indeed, as of April 15, Condor Watch is one year old, with over 4,300 people having contributed nearly 340,000 classifications of condors and other animals!

The (somewhat edited) above image comes courtesy of CW moderator “wreness,” as does the following announcement:

In our first year we have reached almost 340,000 classifications! But that’s where the typical part of CondorWatch ends. You’d assume that CondorWatch is all about “watching condors” but those who are part of this project quickly learn that’s not the whole story. We have also been delighted to find incredible photos of owls, skunks, mountain lions, bears, feral pigs, golden eagles, coyotes, roadrunners, kangaroo rats, humans with headlamps, weasels, rotting carcasses, jackrabbits, turkey vultures, deer, elk, cows, lizards, ravens, more ravens, vicious condor fights and even happy dances.

On their “Citizen Scientist Tuesday” The Nature Conservancy voted CondorWatch one of the Top 10 Most Popular Citizen Scientist Projects!

The other thing that statistics don’t reveal are the wonderful people behind all the classifications who make the project what it has become. All the questions asked and answers found; the data checked for accuracy and made better; all that is observed and shared through the tireless squinting and patient photo marking, talking, messaging, posting and taking time to make suggestions on how to make things better. The (yes, funny at times!) conversations on Condorwatch are as unique as the project itself.

In celebration we present one of Our Finest – Red7 (107) born 1994, Winner of the “Proudest Condor” in our 2014 photo contest.

All Hail, and Thank You condorwatchers, for helping the condors survive!