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The Zooniverse is such an exciting way to get involved in citizen science projects, though we believe it can do more to reach out to the teen community. Although Zooniverse already has teens participating in these projects, as citizen science interns at the Adler Planetarium we want to further that number and get even more teens involved, as well as the guests at the Adler Planetarium.

Over the course of our internship we will be making some contributions to the Zooniverse. We are looking forward to creating Zooniverse Talk boards to try and make it a more teen and volunteer-friendly site, and with your contributions and input, we hope to make every visit and use of the Zooniverse a visit with more scientist-to-volunteer conversations and discussions. To develop Zooniverse conversations we will add to the talk feature by creating a discussion board, called Teen Talk, where teens can communicate, as well as educators, scientists, and everyday volunteers. We were also interested in creating a platform for volunteers to be able to create their own Daily Zooniverse posts.

In addition, we will be creating weekly Daily Zooniverse posts to update you with the new features and installments we have added to the Zooniverse. Feel free to talk to us and reply on our comments using the talk feature, and if you want to contact us directly, use the hashtag #zooniverseteens.