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We urgently need you to help guide rescue workers on the ground in Ecuador. Go to now!
The Planetary Response Network (PRN) is a new kind of Zooniverse project. Together we’ve made major contributions to scientific research, from marking bubbles in the Milky Way to marking giraffes in the Serengeti. As a global community coming together during a major humanitarian crisis, we think we can make a real difference exploring and tagging images taken by satellites and from the air.
Shortly after the recent earthquakes in Ecuador, we were contacted by Rescue Global to help them rapidly assess damage to structures and roads in the aftermath of the quakes. Their goal is to aid in rescue and recovery operations on the ground, but they need our help to classify satellite images of large areas so they know where aid is most needed and how best to deliver it. The PRN website has the full details of the search goals and data on the Research page.
Start helping right away at