I’m Joe, a year 11 student moving into college to study Physics, Computing and Maths. Recently I had a 7-day internship with the Zooniverse team doing a variety of small projects and getting some valuable work experience.

My main task for the week was making a beta-project on the relatively new Project Building Platform. The project itself was a smaller version of Daryl Wright’s ‘SuperNova Hunters‘ project, in which volunteers must answer simple Yes/No questions using the information given to them at the beginning to determine whether a Supernova was correctly detected by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope.

Once I had the project configured correctly I sent out the link to some friends and family so they could do some classifications. After about a day I had 550 classifications so I configured a script made for an older project to analyse the classifications and give me some graphics in excel. Here were the finishing results:

Supernova Aggregations Visual Graphics
The first chart shows the correct/incorrect detections of supernovae according to the participants and the second shows how many classifications the datasets got.

Some of the other work I did was creating blog posts on Daily Zooniverse, such as this:

Overall I had a great week working with the Zooniverse team and would definetely recommend it to anybody else looking for work experience in this sort of field, as it is an amazing opportunity (as well as looking more impressive on a CV than working in Burger King…).