Thanks to your help, Galaxy Zoo Bar Lengths has finally finished classifying all of its image sets. That’s a whopping 103,000 classifications! And we couldn’t have done it without the help of the thousands of citizen scientists who gave up their time for this project, so a massive thank you to everybody who participated!

Of the thousands of pictures classified, we’ve seen many amazing and interesting galaxies. Here are some of the best:


Subject 472589, a perfect spiral galaxy with a very bright nucleus. It’s easy to imagine our galaxy looking like this to somebody else out there.

Subject 268927

This is Subject 468927. It’s hard to spot at first, but one of the keen eyes contributing to this project noticed the double nucleus at the very centre. This could possibly a binary supermassive black hole system.


Subject 465681 stood out to us partly because of how beautiful it is and its prominent bar through the centre, but also because of the amount of galaxies surrounding it. Some of them could be satellites although we can’t yet say for sure without the redshift data.

These are just three of the thousands of galaxies discovered during this project, you can view and discuss thousands of others on the discussion board by clicking here.