A plot form ‘Crowdsourced science: sociotechnical epistemology in the e-research paradigm’ showing that Zooniverse publications are cited significantly more than similar publications in the same research field. Credit: Watson, D. & Floridi, L. Synthese (2016)


Well maybe you already knew that, and we certainly like to think that we do a good job, but as a self-effacing bunch it’s great to hear this coming from external researchers! In a recent publication, researchers from Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for Translational Bioinformatics compared the impact of Zooniverse research versus similar research not involving the use of citizen scientists. The results are very positive for the Zooniverse, showing clear advantages of using citizen science over more traditional research methods.

Read more in this blog post by the author of the paper blog.zooniverse.org/2016/11/04/studyingimpact.