Many fantastic discussions take place in pubs. In fact, depending on who you listen to, the original idea to build Galaxy Zoo came from a discussion in a pub! So what better way to celebrate the 10th  anniversary of the project than to host an evening of talks and discussions in the pub?

That’s exactly what we did last Monday, with the help of Oxford SciBar. There were seven speakers in total and you can watch all of their talk on YouTube via the this link NOTE: The are in seven separate parts, and the video above is only part 1. The talk schedule is as follows:

Part 1 – Intro from Grant Miller, and Bill Keel talking about Hanny’s Voorwerp
Part 2 – Brooke Simmons talking about black holes
Part 3 – Sandor Kruk talking about galaxy bars
Part 4 – Alice Shepherd talking about irregular galaxies and the community
Part 5 – Becky Smethurst talking about blue elliptical galaxies
Part 6 – Karne Masters talking about red spiral galaxies
Part 7 – Chris Lintott talking about dust, and other interesting stuff.