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Today we’re delighted to launch a new Zooniverse project; Where are my body organs?

This project is being led by Dr Adam Taylor and his team at Lancaster Medical School, and aims to understand how much people know about their anatomy, and to see if this differs between different groups of people. Through improving our understanding of how much people typically know about their anatomy, healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses will be able to better understand and treat their patients.

We’re really excited to launch this project – not only is the research being conducted really valuable to improving healthcare, but Where are my body organs? also represents a new style of Zooniverse project – typically we ask you to help us analyse vast amounts of data that would be impossible for our researchers to look at alone, but in this project you can instead help research through sharing what you know, through completing just one classification!

The participation of you, our global community of Zooniverse volunteers, will enable this research to be done on a scale not otherwise possible – this will allow Dr Taylor and his team to more accurately look at how multiple variables, such as age and country of residence, influence anatomical knowledge. Plus, we hope you enjoy trying something a little different!

To take part, visit: