In celebration of our 10th anniversary on Dec 12 and nearing our 2 millionth registered participant, we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us in this adventure. Over the past decade, your efforts have led to so many unexpected and scientifically significant discoveries through over 200 Zooniverse projects, and counting. The community that has grown around this platform is truly one of a kind. We are honored to have played a role in facilitating so many connections around the world.

An image of "Into the Zooniverse," our new book

To show our gratitude, we’ve created a book in homage to you and the Zooniverse Year of 2019, highlighting 40 of the over 100 active Zooniverse projects this year. There are many fascinating projects we weren’t able to include. We hope to continue creating these books annually, highlighting a whole new set of projects and discoveries each year.

For an electronic copy and more details about the book visit

To order a hard-copy visit Note: we will not make any profit through sales. The cost is simply for printing and postage fees. If you’d like your hard-copy to arrive by Dec 24, we recommend placing your order by Dec 10.