If you are looking for a wildlife project on Zooniverse, Chimp&See might be the perfect choice. Here are some words from the research team that should convince you!:

The videos we are currently exploring are from a site in the range of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) subspecies.

The chimps you will find in our videos are experts at finding termites underground. Termites are a very good food source for chimps as they contain a lot of protein. To get this yummy food chimps use two different kind of sticks: a thicker one to create holes in the ground or a termite mound and a thinner one to extract the termites.

Have a look at the chimp in this video. She’s just stabbing a hole and to get at the termites, she’s already carrying a thin stick in her mouth.

There’s more to Chimp&See than just classifying videos: We have an awesome community which is involved with chimp matching. Join the team if you like to do some detective work on comparing chimps. And for a change you could even help with the matching of gorillas, leopards or elephants! By participating you’ll get the chance to name a chimp or one of the other animals.

Cool? Join us at chimpandsee.org!